Glendyne 508x381 Slate & Half 5-6mm CBL49020012

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Natural Slate at Boden Roofing Supplies

Glendyne slate is approved for use in the Snowdonia National Park, home of the Welsh slate industry. It is often used for projects where there are planning restrictions requiring top quality, regular blue-grey slates. Unaffected by oxidising metallic inclusions, clays, carbonates or weaker seams the natural strength of Glendyne is enhanced by selection techniques that choose the best quality rock to produce finest most durable roofing slates which is why Glendyne slates are now guaranteed for 75 years.

Glendyne is used around the world on prestigious buildings and monuments. Produced from deposits laid down in the Ordovician era some 500 million years ago, this quarry was first opened by British slate quarrymen in the early part of the 20th century.

Roofs with Glendyne slate can still be seen today around the area of the quarries, some 90 years later. Natural slates are a high quality natural roofing material used for centuries.

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