ICOPAL Dalite Standard Smoke Vents ICO-DAL6

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Icopal Dalite Standard Smoke Vents are individual polycarbonate dome rooflights intended for installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and comfort ventilation.

Dalite Standard Smoke Vents are designed and manufactured under an ISO9001 approved quality system. These products are fully tested and certified in accordance with EN12101-2 : 2003. Design fully tested and certified in accordance with EN12101-2 : 2003.
Factory fitted 24V electrical actuator opens up to 140 degrees in less than 60 seconds.
Provides smoke and comfort ventilation.

Contemporary low rise profile (dome and pyramid options).
Constant separation of glazing skins across full width of dome including fixing flange. This avoids cold spots and minimises the risk of condensation.
Options to satisfy requirements for light transmission, and thermal performance.
Optional accessories include control panel system.

Available Options:

Curved dome or a pyramid profile.
Double or triple skin glazing.


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