ICOPAL Monatile Supa R Roof Underlay ICO-MON4

Supplier - ICOPAL - Specialist Roofing Products

MonarTile Supa-R is a high performance undertile lining ideal for small and large projects in weather exposed sites. MonarTile Supa-R has a weight of 150 g/m² and available in 1 x 50 m roll size.

MonarTile Supa-R is manufactured from a polypropylene (pp) hydrophilic spun bond with a strong reinforcing grid encapsulated with a polyethylene (PE) top coating layer. Designed for use over raftered and boarded roofs in exposed sites where greater mechanical performance is required due to wind uplift. The underside of the membrane will hold condensate and thereby prevent the “drip-effect” onto insulation material.

Features & Benefits:

Strong with high levels of nail tear and puncture resistance.
Rot proof and long lasting.
Lightweight – easy to transport and handle rolls.
Flexible and easy to cut.
Quicker to install than traditional bituminous 1F underlays.
Easily chalk marked


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