ICOPAL Roof Membrane - AirShield Vapour Control Layer ICO-AIR2

Supplier - ICOPAL - Specialist Roofing Products

The AirShield membrane is a high performing vapour control layer and effective air barrier. Its robust composition and reflective surface enhances the overall thermal performance of walls, ceilings and floors. AirShield contains a highly reflective foil with a high strength polyester reinforcement sandwiched between polyethylene for strength and superior water vapour resistance.

Features & Benefits:

Superior strength yet enables easier installation and detailing.
Improved thermal performance saving costs and energy.
Energy and cost effective by improving the thermal performance of insulation by reducing convection flow.
Reflective, corrosion-resistant surface that increases performance throughout the lifetime of the product.
Excellent vapour resistance helps avoid condensation risk, ensuring a safe and sound structure.

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