ICOPAL Roof Membrane - AirSmart Vapour Control Layer ICO-AIR1

Supplier - ICOPAL - Specialist Roofing Products

AirSmart® is a high-performing, multipurpose air barrier and vapour break containing a special co-polymer coated, spun bond, non-woven reinforcement. It is designed to provide both an effective air leakage barrier as well as regulating vapour control properties.

Features & Benefits:

Superior strength for secure installation and detailing.
Due to the dynamic effect of the product, any residue moisture can dry out minimising the risk of unhealthy mould and mildew.
Energy and cost effective by reducing convection flow therefore improving the thermal performance of insulation.
Lightweight and easy to cut and handle.
When fixed to the underside of timber rafters provides a solid and secure support for non rigid insulation products.

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