ICOPAL Roof Membrane Monarperm Breathe All Zones ICO-MON1

Supplier - ICOPAL - Specialist Roofing Products

Monarperm Breathe All Zones utilises the latest technology to produce a durable LR pitched roof breather membrane capable of offering improved dependable performance and the strength to meet all wind uplift conditions in a single product.

Monarperm Breathe membranes are suitable for installation fully supported directly over insulation boards or draped unsupported over rafters and will be virtually unaffected by normal conditions within a pitched roof space.

Features & Benefits:

’Unrestricted’ use for wind uplift in UK & Ireland
Helps to avoid condensation risk in accordance with BS 5250
Highly Vapour Permeable
Completely Watertight & Airtight
Strong, Tough & Durable
BBA Certified
NHBC compliant.


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