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The Slate, clay & stone specialists.

Lagan Building Solutions (LBS) are specialists in slate, stone and clay roofing products. Starting out in the 1990s, LBS has quickly developed into a leading supplier of natural slate and stone products in the UK.


Roofing Slate

Natural slate from LBS is coveted for its durability, beautiful deep colours and attractive textures. Slates are available in a variety of colours, sizes and textures to meet your tastes and design needs. LBS slates come from Spain and Wales, both boasting their own unique qualities. Spanish slate from North West Galicia and La Bana has distinct black/blue or a deep blue/grey colour respectively. Welsh Penrhyn slate has a beautiful ‘heather-blue’ colour to it, also known as ‘Bangor Blue’. This slate is believed by many to be the finest in the world. All LBS roofing slates are W1, S1, T1 certified and surpass BS EN 12326 and French NF Testing standards.

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Clay Tiles

For a warmer and more natural feel to your roof, LBS also offer an array of natural clay tiles. Tiles are available in a variety of designs and warm colours that add a traditional touch to a building. LBS clay tiles are available in large format interlocking designs or classic plain tiles.

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Cladding & Stone Products

When planning the exterior design of a home or building, it is important to consider how the walls and roofing look together. LBS stock a variety of wall cladding options so that you can find the best combination for you. The LBS Z-Stone cladding range is a popular and reliable choice. To complement the range, LBS also offer a choice of paving, flooring and worktop products to craft the perfect look.

Roofing Accessories

Along with a variety of beautiful roofing options, LBS can also provide the accessories and fasteners needed to efficiently fit your chosen roofing. These functional additions complete the roofing package available from LBS, the range includes; ridge tiles, roof ventilation, membranes, verge trim and roof fixings. For more on the Boys & Boden range and how it can help you with your next project, visit a store today and speak with the friendly staff.

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