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Sandtoft, part of the Wienerberger group produce high quality roofing materials with the latest innovations and in styles that are evocative of classic designs. Specialising in roofing tiles, Sandtoft create beautiful products from concrete, clay and slate-effect materials that are both functional and visually appealing. 
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Classic Clay Tiles 

Clay roofing tiles by Sandtoft are available in a variety of colours and designs that add an element of warmth to the exterior aesthetic of a building. Options such as the Okewood Plain Tiles have a familiarity to them that makes them an excellent choice for homes, especially in rural areas. Another popular option is the Old English Traditional Pantile. These tiles create a soothing tessellated effect, often associated with classic architecture, which adds a touch of character to a property.

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     Innovative Slate-Effect Tiles

If you prefer the look of slate but find the raw material too expensive, Sandtoft offer a brilliant alternative. Product lines such as the Rivius have all the benefits of a roof tile with the appearance of natural slate. These slate effect options are an innovative and durable alternative to slate that come in at a lower price point.

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Versatile Slate With a Classic Aesthetic

To complete your roofing project, Sandtoft also produce ridge tiles to complement their extensive range of tiles and pitched roof products.

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