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Tapco Roofing

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Tapco Roofing is a specialist in modern roofing solutions that balances cutting edge technology with desirable aesthetics. The two leading product lines from Tapco Roofing are TapcoShakes and TapcoSlate. Each come in a variety of colours and offer a durable roofing solution.    


Modern Innovation, Classic Look 

TapcoShakes have been specifically created to imitate rustic traditional shakes, wood effects and more modern materials. These shakes are available in a wide variety of colours for creating your own personalised project or for keeping with your local property aesthetic. TapcoShakes are made from polymers that make them light, durable and resistant to rotting and warping. The extremely long lifespan of these products also makes them very cost effective as they will not need replacing for a very long time. TapcoShakes are also far less of a fire risk than wooden shakes as they ae made with class A fire components.

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     Texture Of Slate With A Durable Build

Complementing their range of shakes, Tapco also have a distinct line of slate effect tiles called TapcoSlate. These moulded slates have a beautiful and authentic slate feel to them but are actually moulded products. With the texture of slate and available in a rainbow of mineral colours, TapcoSlate creates a beautiful slate-effect on any roof it is installed on. TapcoSlate is much tougher than actual slate. It does not crack and had a much longer lifespan, making it a cost-effective product, much like TapcoShakes.

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For more on Tapco Roofing and the vast array of roofing products available, visit your nearest Boys & Boden or contact the Boden Roofing Supplies team.


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