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 Ariel plastics


     Ariel Plastics produce one of the largest ranges of sheet roofing, roofing accessories and rooflights in the country.
As a specialist in roofing sheets, Ariel offer an array of different roofing sheets in materials that include:
polycarbonate, PVC, GRP and bitumen.
This experienced supplier also includes drainage, ventilation and cladding products in its range,
suitable for both commercial and residential construction projects.


Ariel Roof Ventilation

Ariel Roof Sheeting

Ariel Rooflights

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Corrugated roofing sheets at Boden roofing supplies       

Corrugated roofing options from Ariel are an affordable roofing solution.
Sheets are available as transparent and translucent, offering a source of natural light in your sheltered construction.
As corrugated roofing lends itself to agriculture, where large buildings require a low-cost option,
Ariel also offer a tough GRP sheeting called Farmlite, specially designed to suit agricultural needs. 


Bitumen Roofing Options

Bitumen sheet roofing       
Popular for being tough and entirely resistant to moisture, bitumen sheeting from Ariel is available in a variety of colours and designs.
Bitumen sheets are available as both corrugated and in a shingle-like design called Coroshingle tiles.
Bitumen roofing is an ideal choice for outbuildings such as garden sheds.

Roof Glazing

Roof glazing sheets        

     Glazing sheets are an excellent choice when you want to maximise the amount of natural light you let through.
Ariel offers several glazing products made from high quality acrylic, for maximum durability.
These sheets have good impact resistance and are a popular option for porches and entryways that want a contemporary aesthetic.


Metal Tile Roofing

Metal Tile System       

     Ariel also has its own metal tile system, made from high grade steel.
The metal has been given a special coating of Aluminium, Zinc and Silicium for outstanding strength and durability.
This roofing option is called Corotile and comes in easily installed sheets, making it perfect for small scale projects that you want to last.


Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing

     Multipanel roofing sheets  

Another roofing sheet available from Ariel is Multiwall Polycarbonate.

This functional material is tough but also very light, making it suitable for multiple applications including verandas and car port canopies.
The translucent nature of the sheets lets a lot of natural light into a space and the affordable price makes it an attractive option for many home owners.

To find out more about Ariel Plastics products, or the full range of Boden Roofing Supplies,
visit your nearest Boys & Boden and speak with the helpful staff.    

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