Roofing Membranes and Underlays at Boden Roofing Supplies

Protect and Enhance a Roof With Membranes and Uderlays

Roofing membranes and underlays are a vital pillar of roof construction. The use of membranes underneath tiles, slates or shingles has been an accepted practice for decades because membranes and underlays offer a durable layer of waterproofing and protection. 
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Suppliers Include: Cromar, Permavent, Ariel Plastics, Tyvek and Icopal

What are the Advantages of Membranes and Underlays?

Along with providing a weatherproof layer, membranes are also efficient at minimising loss of heat, contributing to the insulation of a property. A resistance to UV rays makes membranes a durable option as it will not dry up and weaken in heat. Membrane sheets also offer a convenient and affordable option for small outbuildings, such as garden sheds. As they are malleable, they are easily installed, removed or replaced. They are also very light, keeping the strain off small structures or large ones that require a lot of material.

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