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       Cromar has fashioned itself to be a one-stop for all of your flat and pitched roofing needs.
This extends to sealants, adhesives and membranes too. 

Based in North Yorkshire, Cromar have been delivering excellent roofing and construction products since 1997 and continue to produce innovative products.
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     Lead Substitute

Cromar offers a leading lead substitute, Leadex.
Leadex is an easily installed material that offers all of the benefits of lead without the toxicity or burdensome weight.

This affordable option is very malleable, meaning it can form into all of the spaces where lead
may have been required and since it is installed in a similar fashion, contractors will know exactly what to do with it.

As well as Leadex, Cromar also produce Lead Free Plus, an aluminium flashing option that is easily installed thanks to it being self-adhesive.


     RP Overlay Resin

A reliable solution for improving an existing roof is to apply a surface overlay.
Flexiglass from Cromar is a top performing liquid roofing product that provides a durable and reliable surface.
As Flexiglass is a resin it can be applied to almost any roof shape or surface;
including felt and asphalt. This versatility makes it a trusty companion for roof construction.

     Pro Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)

Cromar has developed its own GRP system that, when installed properly and efficiently maintained, will last a lifetime.
PROGRP gives a seamless surface to a roof that is resistant to moisture, heat, cold and the worst of British weather.
The system requires no heat at installation, easily fits to the required shape and requires minimal maintenance.
It is an efficient and effective roofing solution for both commercial and residential properties.


Polyurethane Coating

Among the waterproofing solutions available from Cromar, there is also Elastathane25,
an easily applied polyurethane coating that requires just one coat.
The simple yet effective process of applying this material makes it ideal for jobs with tight schedules.
It can also be used in a variety of situations, from balconies and bridges to roofs and pavements.

 Acrylic Roof Coating

For a fast and efficient waterproof layer Cromar also offer Cromapol.
This acrylic roof coating provides instant protection from water and can withstand ponding,
meaning it can be applied in almost any weather. 

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Underlays, Sealants, Treatments and Accessories

Cromar are a roofing specialist that offer everything needed for a quality roof that lasts.
A wide selection of breathable underlays can be found in their range in varying grades, suitable for all severities of UK weather.
For efficient ventilation and verging, there is also an array of vents and fittings available.

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