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Danelaw Pitched Roofing, Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP)
And Injection Moulding Specialists

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Hambleside Danelaw is one of the most trusted manufacturers of flashing, roof ventilation and ancillary products in th UK.
Operating for over 40 years, Danelaw products come from some of the most experienced hands and minds in roofing.
The range, available at Boden Roofing Supplies, includes three core product groups, demonstrating the manufacturer's
expertise with glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and injection moulding.

danelaw, pitched roofing, roofing chester, roofing shrewsbury

Flashings That Last

The Danelaw range of GRP flashings have been crafted to protect every part of a roof. These products have been carefully
shaped to fit valleys, verges and abutment roof junctions; so you can always find the flashing you need, no matter the roof design.
Among the cutting edge designs are dry fix options that do not require mortar or counter battens, and can be fitted in
both new builds and refurbishment projects.

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Roof Ventilation,
Let your Home Breathe

Danelaw Ventilation

Danelaw ensure all of their slate and tile vents have been thoroughly tested in order to provide optimal performance.
The full range includes roofing and underfloor ventilation products, suitable for maximising the lifespan of your roof and 
construction project. Vents have been designed to be compatible with most forms and designs of tile and slate, meaning these
vents are straight forward to install in both new builds and refurbishments.

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Ancillary Roofing Products,
Keeping Things Simple Yet Efficient

The selection of ancillary products available from Danelaw at Boden Roofing Supplies has been specifically created to make the
installation process as simple and time efficient as possible. Products such as the continuous eaves course, cut out the need for extra jobs,
like cutting additional slates, saving on time, money and the need for specialist tools.

To find out more about Danelaw roofing products, visit your nearest Boys & Boden,
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