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      Flex-R roofing products offer supreme levels of resistance in all weathers, when properly installed,
older roofs return to performing as if they were new.
This trusted flat roofing brand is driven by three key principles;
high quality, durable products and customer experience.

Meeting these principles, Flex-R offer an array of extremely durable roofing membranes
(ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, also known as EPDM).
A flat roofing specialist, all Flex-R systems bear the CE mark, assuring reliability and quality.
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         Flex-R have several product ranges that cover all aspects of waterproof flat roofing systems.
Their Classic Bond range, for example, is a very popular choice of non-reinforced EPDM
thanks to how it is both cost-effective and adaptable to different roof sizes. 

A Classic Bond roofing system is easily installed, requiring no heat or flames in the process, 
it is available in a selection of thicknesses and widths, it is extremely durable, and it requires virtually no maintenance.

An additional boon for anyone installing the system is that it does not require any specialist tools, 
making it an approachable option; attractive for refurbishments, extensions or complete new builds alike.
       Flex R membrane, flat roofing, waterproof roofing, roof membranes  

Along with a choice of single-ply roofing solutions, other systems provided by Flex-R include
FleeceBack extra tough EPDM, liquid waterproofing for trickier roof shapes and TPO membranes.
TPO, Thermoplastic Polyolefin, membranes are an alternative to PVC membrane roofing systems. 
They offer very long term heat resistance and are extremely popular outside of the UK, but they are rising in popularity.

In any Boys & Boden branch you can find a variety of roofing products and services that include cutting, machining and cross cutting;
meeting the precise requirements of your next project. 
For more on the Boys & Boden range and how it can help you with your next project, visit a store today and speak with the friendly staff.
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