Plastic Plumbing and
Water Management Systems


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       Operating for over 25 years, FloPlast are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of plastic plumbing and building systems.
FloPlast is a top choice for rainwater, waste, guttering and soil systems.
Their impressive range includes soffits, fascias, cladding, rainwater systems
and all that could be required to construct a complete roofing water management system.


 Extrusion, Roofline and Window Systems

FloPlast produce quality Polyvinyl Chloride Unplasticised Expanded (PVC-UE
rooflinewindow and cladding extrusions that are made to last. 
These products have been specially designed to resist the weather and insects.
Crafted in cutting edge facilities, these boards create roofline and window systems
that require minimal maintenance while providing optimum performance.

(Image credit: Floplast)

    Rainwater Systems

Guttering and rainwater management systems are available in a variety of designs and shapes.
Blending function and form, these systems can complement
any structure while efficiently directing excess water; all at a great price.

       floplast roofing at boden roofing
(Image credit: Floplast)

Soil, Waste and Underground Drainage Systems

FloPlast also manufacture an array of plastic plumbing systems for managing soil and waste.
These above ground systems are state of the art, ensuring your building operates smoothly.
For under the ground, FloPlast produce drainage systems for use up to 10 metres underground.
These products come in a selection of sizes to suit your needs and systems.     

       floplast roofing, floplast cladding, boden roofing
(Image credit: Floplast)

Plumbing Fittings,
For Both Hot and Cold Systems

A true jack of all trades, FloPlast create plastic plumbing products for
all aspects of plumbing in both commercial and domestic settings.

Their extensive range includes a choice of fittings to suit almost any central heating or hot & cold water system.

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