Roof Space Ventilation

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Efficient and reliable ventilation is crucial to ensure a roof space has an extensive lifespan.
With Glidevale,
you can ensure that every part of your roof area is
well ventilated thanks to their excellent range of ventilation products.


Soffit and Fascia Ventilators

Compatible with GlideVale’s rafter ventilators, their fascia and soffit ventilators are
a subtle method of introducing ventilation which are easily installed with a durable finish.
The rafter ventilators themselves keep a clear path for air to travel between
the underlay and insulation, a great choice for both refurbishments and new builds.     


Slate and Tile Ventilators

GlideVale also offer ventilating options for both slate and tile roofing.
These products ventilate through the roof pitch as part of the chosen roof covering,
they can also be colour matched so that they blend in with the slates or tiles.
This makes them a perfect choice in situations where eaves or ridges cannot be ventilated.


     Innovation and Accessories

With years of experience in roof ventilation GlideVale have developed products for almost any roofing situation.
The AV50 Abvent Ventilator for example has a slim profile, to preserve your project’s aesthetic,
while also offering efficient ventilation for plane tile, slate or lead roll roofing.
For a lean-to-roof, GlideVale also produce the innovative MR50 Monovent.
This sleek design is durable, simple to install and can properly ventilate a top edge abutment.

 For more on the GlideVale range and the selection of roofing products available from Boys & Boden,
visit your nearest store. Or, call the Boden Roofing Supplies team on 01939 557755 for a quote.


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