Klober; Veteran In Roofing Ventilation

Klober, Roofing Accessories and Ventilation Let Your Roof Breathe

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With over 50 years of experience, Klober is one of the most reliable names in roofing and ventilation.
This venerable company boasts a large range of products, from basic accessories such as roof tapes and sealants to underlays, both permeable and non-permeable.
Klober is at the front of innovation in the roofing industry, with vent designs that offer maximum efficiency bolstering the lifespan of your roof.

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An ethos that works

One of the reasons that Klober products are so popular is the thinking that goes into their designs. Each product is created to be as universal as possible,
making them compatible with most other roofing products and designs. Klober always aim to ensure their products give a lasting performance,
while continuously innovating to ensure they are providing the best roofing product possible. The complete range of Klober products includes:
roofing underlays and membranes, dry fixing products, lead-free flashings, sealants, roofing vents (for flat and pitched roofs), safety products, solar installation accessories, plus much more.

Klober - Roofing Ventilation

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