Penrhyn County Welsh Slate 500x300mm P/H 90mm LAGPCW3PH



Welsh Slate Ltd is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality natural slate for a range of exterior and interior design applications. Over 500 million years old, the material is widely recognised as the finest natural slate in the world.

Welsh Slate Ltd. own and operate the famous Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail quarries in North Wales and has been supplying the world with high quality slate for hundreds of years. Penrhyn Quarry has been producing roofing slate since the thirteenthcentury and has been the centre and the focal point for UK natural stone for over 700 years.

Welsh Slate roofing material is available in two colours: DARK BLUE GREY and HEATHER BLUE.

Benefits of Welsh Slate roofing:

• Aesthetically pleasing

• Colour-fast

• Highly durable

• UK manufactured

• 100 year+ useful life

• Unaffected by normal extremes of temperature

• Highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals

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