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Veteran of Slate


Samaca have been supplying the world with quality slate for over 50 years, in which time they have grown into one of the most trusted suppliers. Originating from 8 quarries in Spain and Brazil, Samaca slate comes from the rockface to deliver durable weather protection and an attractive finish for your pitched roof.

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Trusted Slate Supplier

Experts in their craft, the team over at Samaca consists of over 400 trained professionals including technicians and workers who skilfully extract the slate. With a presence in over 30 countries and 5 continents, Samaca have been a top choice in thousands of projects around the globe. Shifting 2.5million cubic metres of slate per year around the globe, Samaca is one of the most reliable brands on the planet when it comes to slate.

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The Process

Slate blocks are extracted from the quarries. They are then cut size with diamond wire, meeting  the precise requirements of the client. The cut blocks are then split, splitting is done both by hand and with precision machinery. This is delicate work that produces some of the highest quality slate available thanks to the expert staff. For more on the Boys & Boden range and how it can help you with your next project, visit a store today and speak with the friendly staff.

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