Welsh Slate

Welsh Slate

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Wales is the home of quality slate, the stone hewn from the Cambrian and Snowdonia mountain ranges is famous around the world for being some of the finest available.
Welsh Slate is a company that specialises in providing this coveted material, available for your roofing project with Boden Roofing Supplies.    

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Quality Slate With a Legacy   

This beautifully textured slate is half a billion years old, pressed and formed over millions of years into the ideal roofing and cladding material.
The benefits of Welsh slate have been recognised since early Roman times and to this day there are few, if any, roofing materials that can compete with it.
At the heart of Welsh Slate is Penrhyn Quarry where slate has been cut from the face since the thirteenth century, consistently producing the highest quality slate for over 800 years.
There are several other major producers of slate around the world. Each have their own qualities and strengths, but none of them match up to the legacy or reputation of true Welsh Slate.

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     A Landmark Roofing & Cladding Material

A beautiful example of what can be achieved with Welsh Slate is the national landmark, the Wales Millennium Centre.
This striking building is clad with multiple colours of Welsh Slate that subtly shift through blues and deep purples to delicate reds.
The entire building utilises 1,350 tonnes of Welsh Slate that is arranged in a way that is reminiscent of the sedimentary layers slate is found in.

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Versatile Slate With a Classic Aesthetic

The slate may look imposing on such architecture as the Millennium Centre but it is just as well suited to more humble projects.
The versatility of this beautiful material means it is an excellent choice for anything from your home’s roof to landscaping the garden.

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